personal coaching for happiness


  1. The meetings happened once in a week.
  2. The length of every meeting is 60 min.
  3. The meetings can be hold frontally in the clinic, by phone, Zoom or any other video-application. The same method for all meetings.
  4. Both sides commit working conditions for the meetings: full attention and quiet place.
  5. Between the sessions I’m giving a homework, which is the basis of the training. Every client has his/her own style and difficulties, learning rhythm and speed. Client’s commitment and effort will define how fast he/she is progressing towards the chosen target.
  6. If there is a need in non-planned conversation, or there are questions about the homework, it’s advised to send me a message to mail: or watsap: 0528024042

    I cannot promise to answer immediately but I’m committed to do so within 2 days.
  7. The number of sessions vary from 10 to 14. The exact number will be defined around 8th session and will depend on the client’s progress towards chosen target.
  8. After coaching process is completed, it’s possible to set follow-up session/s (1-2-3 as the client chooses) for once in a month.
  9. The payment: the whole process is to be paid in advance, considering 10 sessions. If, at the end, it will be less – I will return. If more sessions will be added – they are to be paid in advance.
  10. I ask to inform me about any meeting cancellation or time change, at least 24 hour in advance. (Sometimes it’s force major – sickness/accident/.. such cases will be treated individually).
  11. It’s a responsibility of the client to reschedule cancelled session.
  12. I guarantee confidentiality, anything mentioned inside the room stays there.
  13. If the client wants to hold another coaching process – this is possible after a break of 2 month. And the price will be discounted by 10%.
  14. Any client who brings me a new client, will get a follow-up session with no price.

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